The Story of Brandyland

In October of 2001, after a year long search for the perfect place to build a retreat center, John stumbled upon what is now known as Brandyland. Just 3 hours north of LA, this very rugged property was overgrown, and covered with granite boulders. Oak, juniper, cedar. and pine trees had grown so thick that hiking the property meant scrambling over boulders and pushing through bushes and tree limbs. Brandy (John’s dog) led him through some dense foliage to a giant oak tree! It turned out that the foliage was actually the branches of the tree that had grown so long that they bent all the way to the ground creating a natural chamber. Embraced by the arms of this majestic oak tree John had a vision and Brandyland was born.

Many more spectacular features revealed themselves including a seasonal creek and ultimately even a sacred well was found with some of the sweetest water you’ve ever tasted! This Sacred land is Blessed with a wonderful energy and all who spend time there leave knowing they have been in the presence of something truly magnificent.

“Brandy led me to the magic of this property. Without her guidance it may not have been revealed. I am so grateful to her for the many lessons she taught me over the sixteen years we had together. She was a healing presence in the lives of many.” - John Rozenberg

Brandy made her transition at Brandyland in October of 2012. Her body is buried here and her gentle loving spirit remains present.