Muddy Waters and Waterfalls

Article by: John Rozenberg

Waking to the mockingbird, waves of urgency flood my mind.

Slipping on my boots, I navigate the creaking wooden floors.  Careful not to wake those sleeping in bliss, I bravely open the heavy door.

Mists of mornings ancient dwell the trees and vines that fill the landscape I have feared to tread.

Breathing deeply, feeling the strength rise up from within, pushing forward to the swamp.

Sounds and eyes tempt me to retreat yet, onward I move towards my highest calling.

Approaching the muddy water, my boots sink and root to the clay.

I struggle against imagined monsters until once again I hear the mockingbirds calling me to breathe.  My body floods with warmth becoming one with the mud.

Relaxing into this new world I glide to the other bank.  Safety is close, so close I can smell the hibiscus flowers in bloom.

As I lean to grab a handful of sweetness, my body is swept up by the current into the raging torrent.  A whirlpool pulls me under and I am powerless.  I surrender.  I emerge further downstream gasping, laughing, crying and wondering what is next…

My heart is racing, so many fears I am facing; at last I hear it, the waterfall just ahead.  My mind tries to convince me to panic. My heart reminds me how far I have come.  I hear the still, small voice, “this is not the end of your journey my beloved.  It is only the beginning.”

I allow what is to come and as I shoot out over the falls, I become one with the One; seeing all, feeling all, knowing all is well.

Serenity bathes me as I come to rest in the Mother’s womb.

The crystal waters envelop me and I am held lovingly by the ancient boulders thick with moss.

In this moment, I have transcended the surly bonds of the flesh and touched the face of God.