Clearing Clutter – Beyond the closet

Article by: John Rozenberg
Clearing Clutter with John Rozenberg

  Are your dresser drawers filled to the brim? Do you have a “junk drawer” in the kitchen full of miscellaneous parts and pieces and tools and things? Are you paying rent for a storage space that you haven’t visited …

Muddy Waters and Waterfalls

Article by: John Rozenberg

Waking to the mockingbird, waves of urgency flood my mind. Slipping on my boots, I navigate the creaking wooden floors.  Careful not to wake those sleeping in bliss, I bravely open the heavy door. Mists of mornings ancient dwell the …

Blogging – A Message from John

Article by: John Rozenberg
Blog post from John Rozenberg

I’m told that I should write a blog. So here I sit, wondering what to say. I looked up the definition of “Blog” and here’s what Wikipedia has to say… A blog (a truncation of the expression web log)[1] is …

Kelly Is Singing at Tustin Unity

Article by: John Rozenberg
Singer songwriter Kelly Corsino

Kelly is singing at Tustin Unity! Tustin Unity is a thriving community of loving souls. Rev Carolyn Mathlin is an inspired speaker and the grounds are beautiful with a meditation garden that will leave you breathless! She will be singing …

Estuary Exploration – 1 Mile Nature Walk around Colorado Lagoon

Article by: Joshua Young
Friends of Colorado Lagoon

Join Friends of Colorado Lagoon for a relaxing and educational 1-mile nature walk around the lagoon. A trained naturalist will lead this tour on the biodiversity and fascinating history of the local wetlands. Please wear close-toed shoes and bring water. …

Embrace Each Moment with Awareness

Article by: Joshua Young
Annual Memorial Day Weekend Retreat

Our thoughts and words are like seeds, and our mind is fertile soil. In our modern world we rarely take time to acknowledge the seeds we’ve planted and what has grown. What has been growing in your garden? Is it …