“I have known John Rozenberg for almost two years. He is a powerful and spiritual meditation leader who guides the process of self-examination fearlessly and rigorously.”

Kathleen Wilber

Private Sessions

Private sessions are available by appointment. In person, by phone and by video chat.
Each session is intuitively guided to address your individual needs.

Energy Clearing:

Cleanse your home or office of old, unwanted energies, and energize your space with a strong, powerful, positive force.  After cleansing their homes or offices, people have reported:

  • Improved productivity
  • Increases in business
  • Better sleep
  • Relationship improvements
  • Improved overall health

Physical – relaxation, revitalization, structural balancing, body awareness, nutritional cleansing

Emotional – trauma release, clearing, balancing, nurturing

Spiritual – entity release, self awareness, Spirit reintegration.

“During the course of the healing, I experienced a truly amazing vision. It answered some of my deepest questions at the time and continues to ease my mind and calm my fears. John is an exceptional healer.”Dave

Life Purpose Mentoring :

Achieve results in any area of your life where you are feeling out of control, stuck, or unfulfilled. Call to schedule a free 10 minute introduction to our Life Purpose Mentoring program.

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