Supporting Spirit Walk

We greatly appreciate your donations that help us to keep doing what we Love to do in service to you, our Beloved Community. On this page, you will find the opportunity for both donations and products we love to refer which bring income into our organization while helping you look and feel your best!

So what does the money go for? Some of the things your donations go towards are the continuing improvements and build outs on Brandyland to host retreats, you also help us travel to communities that are not close by, and most importantly, you support the work we do and the reason we are here 🙂


Donate any amount you feel called to give. No amount is too small, or too big, and every penny goes towards supporting our work.

Shop with Amazon

Thats right! By just using this link, every time you shop with amazon, a portion of your purchase goes towards supporting our work!

Our Plant A Tree Program

for Brandyland

We have our “Plant A Tree” program for Brandyland: $20 for a sapling, $50 for a modestly sized tree, and $100 for a mature tree. You will even get to have your name on a plaque at the tree site!

Wellness Formulations & Skincare Regimens

“You support the work we do and are the reason we are here.”Kelly Corsino & John Rozenberg

Wellness Formulations

For those who are looking to create more health and vibrancy in their physical body, we are proud to refer world class wellness formulations through Thriving Naturally.

John is happy to give you a complimentary phone consultation to help guide you to the best products to support your Health and Wholeness!

Call John today to get started: 323-363-5761

Skincare Regimens

Beauty comes from within and from without… yes, the right skincare regimen can make all the difference!

Whether you are looking to combat the visible signs of aging, sensitive skin issue like rosacea, or even stubborn acne, we’ve got you covered with premium skincare from and Kelly is always available for a complimentary phone consultation to help you get started!

Call Kelly today to get started: 714-227-0712