Article by: John Rozenberg

I think about it day and night.

Where did I come from? Why am I here?

My soul comes from somewhere else of this I’m sure.

And to that place I will one day return.

The place where the hallucination began. A place where the mysteries and ministers spin yarns that unravel as me. As you. As all.

When I return there, the hallucination will stop. Until then, I am a foreigner; a bird in a cage until the day I fly away.

I hear a voice inside my ear and I do not know who speaks.

My voice is making sounds and I do not know who speaks.

I look around at all the sights and I do not know who sees.

Is this my soul?

I ask and I ask. I cannot stop.

Give me one taste of True knowledge and I could return.

Open the door and I will fly.

One day I will break these bonds. Until then I am left with why?