Intuitive Healer & Shamanic Practitioner

John Rozenberg

John Rozenberg is an Intuitive Healer, Shamanic Practitioner, and Prosperity coach who approaches his work in a totally unique fashion; he is a clairsentient who literally “feels” what others feel. His gift enables him to guide people intuitively into the blocks that prevent them from realizing their life dreams, he then uses a variety of modalities to break through the barriers.
Skilled in both modern and ancient healing techniques, John gently guides you to a higher level of consciousness and supports you in following your own path to a healthier, more balanced you.

“My life’s work is to guide you to define, create, and live the life of your dreams.” -John Rozenberg

John Rozenberg, Intuitive Healer with Spirit Walk Journey

“Every time I have a session with John, I tell him ‘Man, I don’t know what word to put to it but your work is…magic, powerful and just what the doctor of souls ordered!'”
Jason W


Vocal and Sound Healer

Kelly Corsino

Singing professionally since she was a child, Kelly has always had the call to use the gift of song. As she moved along her own Spiritual path, she realized that her voice was a channel that could be used to help others. Kelly creates songs with lyrics that uplift and provoke introspection. Her vocal toning and crystal singing bowls sound baths, expand her musical reach to facilitate Healing circles and allow people to connect to openings within themselves that only sound can provide. She currently tours the world using her gifts and talents alongside her husband John.

“We all have a song in our heart longing to be expressed”
-Kelly Corsino